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Printmaking & Drawing

 "Printmaking may very well be a dying art, but its history & gifts it has provided to the world has been forgotten with the digital technological advances. There's nothing quit like slaving over an image on a plate, whether it's copper, wood, or stone, & then being able to mass produce variations of it with different inks & specially grained papers. I've found locking myself up in the printmaking studio with a finicky press & some music is the best for self discovery."


Placid Entanglement

12" X 11"
​Medium: Intaglio printmaking



14" X 15"
​Medium: Pen & Ink on brown paper, exacto



From a brainstorm I came up with a lot of ideas related to “creative vs. analytical” leading to “artistic vs. scientific” and so on. So this drawing is meant to represent how science and creativity can and should be one as I let my drawing create itself using scientific images of natural phenomenons, the intricate living things that make up our world.


Wishes, Stripes, & Folds

20" X 40"
​Medium: Pen & Ink


Stunted Growth

22" X 24"
​Media: Intaglio printmaking 



“Prison Arts” was an engagement course which students actually volunteered at various adult or children prisons across Eastern Michigan.

Most if not all of the girls I worked with came from damaged, broken homes, and were almost bound to end up in the juvenile facility due to the families they were born into. I just kept thinking about how selfish parents are to have unwanted children, to create something yet unable to love, nourish, care for, and teach it properly. Of course circumstances vary and perhaps the parents too are victims of irresponsible actions, in which case is it really their fault they don’t know the proper way to raise a child…or even further….what their selfish actions can cause? 


An image to personify these clashing philosophies was created in the form of a tree that keeps growing and reproducing, simply because their biology (and/or society) says so. However as it get larger, attempting to grow further and further from the ground, its roots, the very beginning of the unforeseen problem, the desire to grow, deepens. It's a sort of cycle that can’t be escaped. This may be an unusual view of a tree, but not many trees are made of human chests….




In The Beginning

22" X 24"
​Media: Lithography printmaking 



The drawing was inspired by my "Intro to Modern Dance" and was created for a project centered around the idea of love. The two anatomical figures are dancing, almost as one, but are continuing to grow, morph, bud, expand, & change with their extended, separate limbs.

As I was filling the drawing in I heard Kastle's "Coffee Shop at the End of the Universe Volume 2" mixtape, which uses inserts from Radiolab’s tale of the “space romance” between Ann Druyan & Carl Sagan. The intro for the mixtape & the radio interview start with "Plato's Symposium" which seemed to perfectly, if not eerily, match my drawing as it describes humans once being intertwined together with four limbs on the top as well as the bottom.


This anatomical self-portrait stood out amongt my peers' whose images portrayed a realistic, surface view of themselves. With esoteric thoughts clouding my mind, I drew my self-portrait in hopes of understanding the deeper layers of what forms myself as well as other "sevles". By breaking down the multiple layers and conveying the various systems of the human body, I attempted to connect my own self with others in this iteration of a self-portrait. 


Anatomical Self-Portrait

12" X 12"
​Media: Lithography plate printmaking 



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