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The nuances of transitioning from still to moving images can be quit the undertaking for a traditional artist. However, this familiarity with focusing on a single, frozen moment elevates a videographers understanding of each seconds value to the story. Over time I've come to fall in love the prolonged production process of video editing through experimentng with stop motion, abstract video filters, and using borrowed or found footage from the past. 




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Below are some examples of my original work, mostly edited in Final Cut Pro, Preimere Pro, and After Effects.  

This is the master video project or "mixtape video", which I've developed the past few months from shorter videos exploring and projecting my perception and fears of what has controlled my thoughts and mind over the years. 
Precisely edited to combine the layers of personal attachment felt with particular visual imagery, such as my grandfather's Navy diary from 1963, the process of creating and projecting this video was not an easy feat.
Especially as it has progressed to be a complex interpersonal portrait of myself. 
See how much you can take as the flux of information competes for your attention. 
Enter my world, and interpret the information for yourself.


Full Portfolio of this Project with Credits can be found at:





Using Adobe After Effects, my camera on a tripod, & lots of patience with masking & overlaying clips, I created this 16+ part multiple split screen reading philosophy to myself.  











"Addicted to Love" was an 80s song remixed by Diamond Saints, which inspired me to use found & borrowed footage to further remix & alter a video with my own stop motions & meaning.









The first video project in which I embraced the process of recording & editing video by heavily manipulating the visuals to tell a story about Pressure.

Conceptual stop motion featuring "Stool McCool" a leading secert agent for the white stools almost meeting his demise from the black stools. No deep meaning, just a fun assignment.