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Sculptural & Found Objects

Transitioning Through Layers

Displayed at The Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design Slusser Gallery 

​Medium: Installation Video Projection on pop up home movie screen, glass head, found 'waiting room-doctors-office- benches' & hand chair.​

The video projected was made up of found footage integrated with my own digital video I reproduced during 2013 & 2014. The final video can be viewed here: 

Created as part of a found objects class to make a sculpture of 100+ of an item & connect together by any means.

Candy Corn Bust

14" X 17"
​Medium: Packing tap, hot glue, candy corn

Coffee Mate Me

20" X 15"
​Medium: Coffee grounds, coffee bean, filters cinnamon, sugar, newspaper, Sylvia Plath poems​

A self portrait made of unusual objects & found materials to convey some of the things that fueled me at the time. Coffee, sugar, cinnamon, news, & Sylvia Plath poems were essential in inspiring & giving me energy in this particular period in my life when I was under high pressure to excel academically as a senior in high school. 

A Lifetime Ago

38" X 49"
​Medium: Bedside table, wood burning, acrylic

Taking a discarded, worn out cabinet from the Salvation Army, I wood burned derogatory sayings onto the outside describing the ugly things one might say when first encountering the years of wear & tear. "Its so hideous" "Who would even want that table?" Inside with white paint reads positive statements clarifying that this table once held favored memories & possessions. 

It was left to be found & discarded in hopes that those that interact with it would think about objects within time.

Tape Men Collection

5ft" (as tall as my model) 
2010, 2011
​Medium: Packaging tape, string lights

Inspired by tape street artist Mark Jenkins, I created a couple of tape men, children, & animals, which were used in gallery shows before leaving them in public spaces. They were "abandoned" in hopes that others would find amusement in their surprising appearance.

In an attempt to form my own style & give particualr meaning, other materials such as lights and pill bottles were used to fill the clear structures for social messages. 

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